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``Oldest business institution in the country dating back to 1886 and recognized by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines``.



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April 9, 1886 – Royal Decree creating “Camara” institutions for all Spanish colonies.

May 24, 1887 – Camara de Comercio de Manila was formally organized and presented to the General Assembly.

June 17, 1887 – Statutes and By-Laws first approved by Gobierno Superior of the Philippines.

Febraury 9, 1888 – Approval by Queen Regent Maria Cristina.


Queen Regent

Maria Cristina

July 19, 1903 – the Camara de Comercio Filipina held its first session in Spanish with Francisco Reyes as the first Chamber President;

Sectorial Dimensions Commerce, Industry and Agriculture were created.


Don Francisco Reyes

June 19, 1915 – the ESCRITURA Social dela Camara de Comercio de las Islas Filipinas was ratified.

September 15, 1934 –  The title to a property where its building now stands was issued to The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands.

1937 – A 3-storey building structure was built and Inaugurated.


Camara de Comercio delas Islas Filipinas

April 6, 1949 – An order for the reconstruction of the Chamber’s lost records was issued by the Commissioner Filemon Cosio of the Securities and Exchange Commision.

October 5, 1964 – SEC issued a certificate recognizing the Chamber’s existence since 1915.

June 14, 1965 – SEC extends its life for another 50 years as the Camara de Comercio de Filipinas or Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, formerly Camara de Comercio de las Islas Filipinas (Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands).


SEC Document certifying CCPI existence since 1915

1978 –  the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) was created when the martial law government asked the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine (CCP) and the Philippine Chamber of Industries (PCI) to unite. PCI dissolved itself, while CCP changed its name to Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Foundation and transferred some of its projects & activities to the PCCI, while continuing its existence & other activities.


Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Foundation Marker

New business alliances have been formed and PCI has re-emerged as the Federation of Philippine Industries.

September 23, 2011 – SEC extends the Chamber’s life for another 50 years as Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands until 2061.

November 20, 2014 – Three markers reflecting the historical evolution of the Chamber are unveiled;

Rekindling /Repositioning of the Chamber as the Chamber of History, with slogan “HISTORY BUILDS THE FUTURE 2030: FIVE PILLARS”;

Conferment of Honorary Membership to firms and to Individual Entrepreneurs who have been in operating existence for 25 years or more, in recognition of their contributions to the economy of the Philippines.


CCPI Marker

Board of Directors & Officers

2016 - 2018

Initiatives & Accomplishments

Among the activities and accomplishments of the chamber are the following:

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