20 November 2014 is a milestone date for the Chamber because on this day three events happens:

  1. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines shall unveil Markers recognizing the Chamber as a heritage Institution of over 100 years and as a Landmark building of over 50 years. The markers are in Spanish, English and Filipino to commemorate the different periods of the Chamber’s history.

  2. The Chamber rekindles itself, as the oldest business organizations in the country by bestowing Honorary Membership to 25 year old companies at least 51% owned by Filipinos, in recognition of their contributions to the Philippine Economy.

  3. The Chamber declares itself as a Chamber of History with the slogan “History Builds the Future: Vision 2060”.

Honorary membership entitles companies to participate and benefit in the activities of the Chamber:

A. PRESTIGE AND HONOR of belonging to the oldest traditional Business Organization in the Country. (Honorary Members may use the Chamber’s logo in their printed business materials)

B. PARTICIPATION IN THE CHAMBER’S 3 NICHE ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMS (Which are geared for companies 25 years old and above)

1) Advocacy.

         With “History Builds the Future: VISION 2060″,  as our guiding hand, the  the Chamber shall advocate for “Areas of Excellence” for the Philippines to achieve on or before 2060, for each of the following:

1.1. The Filipino (Education, Skills, Behaviour, Socio-cultural aspects) ;

1.2. Infrastructure/Environment of the Country. (Among the best in the world; where God-given attractions and natural resources and are preserved and maintained) ;

1.3. Philippine Businesses and Industries. (Use our natural resources as the base to set up factories  that will utilize our natural resources in the manufacture of end products.; Philippine made and Philippine branded products/services are exported worldwide ;

1.4. The Philippine Government. (Among the best in the world, with the brightest and most honest of the citizenry ending up in Government).

1.5. The economy (among the top 50% in per capita, with diverse manufacturing industries).

2) Business Promotion and Member Services through

  1. Restoring and archiving of company records

  2. Preservation of company’s historical products

  3. International Relations

  4. Governmental Relations

  5. Business needs and providers matching

  6. Networking events

  7. Conferences, Trade fairs and exhibitions

3) Education and Training on various subjects that strengthen and ensure the stability of member companies

  1. Succession planning and execution

  2. ISO 9001 certification

  3. Lecture Series on how to become a successful business transcending generations

  4. Others