With “History Builds the Future: VISION 2060″,  as our guiding hand, the  the Chamber shall advocate for ” Areas of Excellence” for the Philippines to achieve on or before 2060, for each of the following:

1.1. The Filipino. (Education, Skills, Behaviour, Socio-cultural aspects) ;

1.2. Infrastructure/Environment of the Country . (Among the best in the world; where God-given attractions and natural resources and are preserved and maintained) ;

1.3. Philippine Businesses and Industries (Use our natural resources as the base to set up factories  that will utilize our natural resources in the manufacture of end products.; Philippine made and Philippine branded products/services are exported worldwide ;

1.4. The Philippine Government .(Among the best in the world, with the brightest and most honest of the citizenry ending up in Government).

1.5. The economy. (among the top 50% in per capita, with diverse manufacturing industries.