IS THE PROVENANCE and OLDEST economic business institution, in the country dating back to 1886, whose programs, projects, and advocacies, ushered the country TO BECOME A LEADING ECONOMY (GDP Per Capita) in the ASEAN and 2nd in Asia in the 1960’s. Given a MARKER by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as a Landmark historical structure and Heritage Institution. AND AS A CONTINUING GUIDE for the country’s laws, policies, and actions TO REBUILD ITS GLORIOUS PAST, the Chamber, rekindled and repositioned, NOW HEREIN ADOPTS THE ADVOCACY:


“History Builds the Future”
Economic Compass Pillars Five


I. THE FILIPINO & EDUCATION – “Top of the World”
II. INDRUSTRIES & BUSINESSES – “Globally Competitive”
III. THE GOVERNMENT – “Good Governance with 12 Traits”
V. THE ECONOMY – “Diverse, Self-Reliant, Wealthy”


As the Provenance of Economic Business Institutions, the Chamber has 3 member categories: Lifetime Member (Individual & Corporate), Honorary Members (Companies existing for at least 25 years – there are 24, 000 nationwide.), Exemplar Honorary Members who are bestowed Exemplar Awards for extraordinary achievements.

National Artist Don Fernando Amorsolo, encouraged his nephew, Contemporary Master Cesar Amorsolo, to paint the spirit of trading during the Pre-Spanish era.

This Masterpiece portrays Barter Trade of our Ancestors with Chinese, Malay Merchants.

This masterpiece portraying early trade in the pre-Spanish era depicts the flourishing trade of our ancestors with Chinese and Malay merchants. The mutual trust and confidence demonstrated by the early traders and merchants serve as a continuing inspiration for all Filipino businessmen of today to conduct business with integrity, carry on our commercial responsibilities consistently and value the linkages that we have built up through the centuries. Within the history-rich conference room of the Chambers Building is the mural painting of artist Cesar Amorsolo which forms part of the design of the commemorative stamp. It is quite fortunate that the Chambers has properly preserved this invaluable work of art, which is truly symbolic of the ideals of Chambers.