Heritage Membership

Heritage Individual Membership – Founding members, past Presidents and past Chairmen of the Chamber, and those conferred upon individuals for exemplary services in academe, government, business, and other endeavors by the majority members of the Board upon such qualifications as the Board of Directors shall determine. Honorific title may be conferred upon 2/3 approval of the Board.

Heritage Company Membership – Companies, corporate or single proprietorship that have been operating for at least 25 years or more. They shall be represented by their Chairman or President. The following categories shall apply to Lifetime and Heritage Members:

  • 25 years to 49 years – GOLD
  • 50 years to 74 years – Diamond
  • 75 years to 99 years – Sapphire
  • 100 years above – Platinum

The board may create other types of membership, fix their eligibilities, and their duties and obligations except to vote and be voted upon. All applications for membership, except for Heritage Individual Members (Sec 1 #2 of Article III) shall be approved by the Board.


Apply for Heritage Membership